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1. Clients seeking to explore worldwide or US markets; Contracts, Intellectual Property & Business Entity Formation

Whether you are a US client seeking to exploit world markets or a worldwide client seeking to establish in the US, we provide important preliminary counseling to identify issues and provide advice concerning capital investment, taxation, contractual obligations, intellectual property, immigration and employment matters. Pari has counseled clients from India, China, Thailand, Liberia, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, United Kingdom, Russia and various other parts of the world. When representing clients in the establishment of foreign operations, we assist clients in structuring the corporate entity, tax planning, real estate issues, personnel issues and the establishment of operational policies and procedures. Significant accomplishment: Pari helped a Thai investor establish a food and beverage franchise in the US in record time.

Enforcement of trademark rights and infringement defense, as well as clearance and registration of trademarks is part of Pari’s intellectual property practice. We can assist in Trademark & Patent searches & filing, preparation of assignments including Intellectual Property licensing, intellectual property infringement litigation, trade secret protection business measures and employment related issues pertaining to Trade Secrets. Significant accomplishment: Pari helped protect the trademark rights of a US Corporate Trademark holder in Central America

2. Corporate matters including civil litigation

The lack of standardized, international and domestic business law means that companies will have to keep track of developments in this constantly changing environment. We can assist our worldwide clients in insuring that their US trade matters are optimally structured from a tax and trade law perspective, and ensure that they comply with government regulations and foreign policy restrictions.

We have aggressively engaged in a wide variety of litigation matters in State and Federal Courts and administrative agencies. Various areas of civil litigation include representing worldwide clients in US collection, representing businesses against unsolicited communication and successful defense against intellectual property infringement and unfair trade practices. Significant accomplishment: Pari helped an Italian client successfully defend employment agreements in the US

3. US Immigration and Worldwide Immigration

Pari can offer his worldwide clients assistance in obtaining visas and temporary or permanent work permits for necessary personnel and can represent the client and its personnel with the US Department of Homeland Security (USCIS). We have assisted immigration clients in a cost-effective, expedient and innovative manner and in fact have received several testimonials from excited clients

We assist our clients in protecting their “human investment” by securing nonimmigrant or permanent residence status for clients’ foreign employees, without disrupting their businesses. The immigration practice represents domestic and international corporate clients in a wide array of immigration related issues, including planning for and obtaining nonimmigrant or permanent residence status for corporate clients’ foreign employees. Significant accomplishment: Pari helped a UK company in successfully transferring a L-1 Executive (CEO) to the US

In addition, we have extensive experience in obtaining permanent residence status for employees by obtaining labor certification or petitioning the USCIS (formerly, the Immigration and Naturalization Service) to accept individuals as outstanding researchers, individuals with extraordinary ability, as multinational executives or managers, or as individuals with specialized knowledge. We also represent corporate clients on workplace compliance issues, including 1-9 issues as well as audits conducted by the Department of Labor or the USCIS. Successful accomplishment: Pari was successful in obtaining US permanent residency for several executives and managers of an Indian company


My name is Ramesh Regmi. I am from Kathmandu, Nepal and  residing in Illinois, USA.


After pursuing my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois, I joined Juneau Associates Inc., P.C., an Engineering Consultant and Land Surveyor, as a Civil Engineer Intern to enhance my career. When I met Pari Sheth, a renowned Attorney in the St. Louis area, I was impressed with his legal counseling in obtaining my Working Visa, H1-B. Now I am working in the same company as a permanent employee.


I am very thankful to Law Offices of Pari Sheth LLC for their cooperation and guidelines in getting my Working Visa. Thanks to Pari again for his valuable and tireless effort in applying for Permanent Residency for all my family members. That was such a careful and time consuming efforts with a number of application processes which because of his deep knowledge and long experience in counseling was a success without any procedural mistakes.  His efforts on such a tedious job were finally paid off and were a great success in my favor.


I recommend him for the same kind of counseling.


Thanks again.


Ramesh Regmi, B.E., M.S.

Civil Engineer

Juneau Associates, Inc. P.C.

Edwardsville,IL– 62025

United States of America