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Estate Planning

People often think Estate Planning is important just to minimize taxes and to distribute your assets upon your passing. However, even more importantly, Estate Planning is a tool to protect your family and loved ones after your death. Proper Estate Planning provides a way for you to support your family financially and recommend Guardians to care for minor children. Minimizing tax implications nevertheless is an important component of Estate Planning. With federal estate tax starting at approximately 35%, there can be substantial savings to a client’s estate with proper planning. Heirs may also be subjected to an Inheritance Tax. The tax rate and exemption amount for this relatively low tax vary according to how closely the heir is related to the deceased person.

Anticipating future care expenses can be an important part of Estate Planning, too. Based on your individual goals, we can help you navigate through the ever-changing eligibility rules for the government’s Medicaid program, or we can address long-term care insurance to avoid Medicaid and maximize independence non-institutional care alternatives.

We encourage you to review and complete our Estate Planning Guide to help you prepare for your Estate Planning appointment. This Guide raises many issues and questions that we’ll address with you in creating your Estate Plan. Don’t worry if you are unable to complete the entire form prior to your initial appointment. We are happy to help you work through the Guide and answer any of your questions.

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