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Contracts & Civil Litigation

Smart business owners know the importance of practical, educated experience when dealing with the complexities of business law. From the biggest corporations to the smallest family-owned ventures, every company can benefit from the aid of professional legal counsel from business planning, handling day to day operations, or managing potential or actual litigation.

At The Law Offices of Pari Sheth LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to handle everything from ordinary contract reviews to the most complicated corporate lawsuits. We handle transactional work and civil litigation.


We work with private and public companies on a broad spectrum of corporate legal matters, including:

  • Incorporation: In addition to helping you with your Articles of Incorporation, we’ll step you through the process of registering new Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs).
  • Shareholder and Member Agreements: We’ll help you make sense of the complex details involved in shareholder and member agreements and procedures.
  • Corporate Governance, Directors and Officers Liability: A qualified business attorney will help you craft the agreements governing the diligence and responsibilities of company directors and officers.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers, sales, auctions, purchases, and acquisitions require finesse and skill. Our precise contracts are designed to protect your company’s investments and assets.
  • Employment & Management Agreements: We create and interpret employment and management agreements to cover every business need and potential contingency.
  • Partner & Shareholder Disputes: Our corporate lawyers are adept at dealing with the conflicts that can arise between partners or shareholders. We’ll facilitate negotiations, assist in communication, and craft new documents or agreements to help resolve the dispute.
  • Employee Claims: Employment law can be hazardous for those who are not trained in the law. We understand federal and state employment laws, including discrimination and retaliation (EEOC) claims, overtime, wage and hour (FLSA) claims, and Department of Labor (DOL) investigations and claims.
  • Business Litigation: If a lawsuit is imminent, having our proven litigation team in your corner is a huge asset. We’ll do everything in our power to achieve a court win or a settlement in your favor.

Whatever your business needs, The Law Offices of Pari Sheth LLC offers the versatility, knowledge, and ingenuity to fight for your company’s short-term and future success. Contact us today for more information about our corporate law services.


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