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April Advocacy

by pari on April 24th, 2012

The Irish Immigrant Act – DOA?

The Irish immigration bill will qualify Ireland for the E-3 visa program which currently applies exclusively to Australian nationals. Recent reports project dimming hopes for passage of this Act. Read more at Irish Immigrant Act.

The Supreme Court and Immigration – Will Arizona Prevail?

The Obama administration has moved aggressively against Arizona’s SB 1070, which directs law enforcement to play a much more active role in identifying illegal immigrants and makes it a crime for them to seek work. Read More at Supreme Court hears Arizona v. United States.

Tougher Ban On Texting While Driving In Missouri

The Missouri DOR is fed up with drivers’ texting while driving. Read more at Missouri Texting while Driving.

Reinstatement of driving privileges

The DOR revoked James Hill’s driver’s license and suspended his driving privileges for 10 years. Hill filed a petition for reinstatement of his driving privileges under section 302.060, RSMo. The case made it to the MO Supremes. Missouri Supreme Court Alert.

Employment Based Visa Retrogression

The Department of State Visa Chief states that visa retrogression in the Employment-Based 2nd preference category for nationals of India and China was unavoidable. This is a significant change from the January 2012 prediction. Call us at 314-768-0639 if you are interested in learning more about conversion from EB3 to EB2 priorities

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