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Christmas Advocacy

by pari on December 18th, 2012

Federal Immigration Reform

Undocumented immigrants are neighbors heading off to work, sending their kids to school, and attending church. Their everyday lives would vastly improve by moving from the shadows of society into the mainstream. Read more at Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Illinois Drivers Licenses for the Undocumented

An estimated 6.5 million undocumented immigrants participate in the American workforce. The primary driver of immigration tends to be economic opportunity, and immigrants often leave home as a last resort, in many cases alone, to provide for their families. Illinois is poised to provide for Drivers Licenses to the undocumented.  Follow the IL SB0957

Missouri and Immigration Reform

While significant immigration reform may have stalled at the federal level, Missouri Senators tried to take matters into their own hands. Read more at Missouri and Immigration

Bosnians and Economic Growth

St. Louis has become the second largest Bosnian community in the world, after Bosnia and many believe the immigrant community is responsible for the revitalization of the South side of the city. Read more at The Bosnian Connection

The Supreme Court and Business

The Supreme Court granted Certiorari i.e. will hear three cases of interest especially to the business community, they are the Motor Carriers- Interstate Commerce Act- Federal Preemption, the Federal Arbitration Act- Class Arbitration and Patent-Infringement Suits- Generic Drugs- Reverse-Payment Settlement Agreements. Read more at Supreme Court Cases


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