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Happy Holidays

by pari on December 22nd, 2011

As the year ends, we think about all we are grateful for. Our relationship with you is one thing we treasure. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with you this year. We wish you the best of holidays, a merry Christmas and much success in the new year.

We will attempt to give back to the community by providing free legal consultations every Saturday from 11AM to 1PM beginning January 1, 2012; the venue is the Hindu Temple of Saint Louis

Pari Sheth
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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010. It has about 2700 pages and contains 450 some provisions. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments soon. The largest challenge comes from a joint filing by 26 states. At issue is whether the “individual mandate” section is an improper exercise of Federal authority. Read more at Health Care Reform?
State Immigration Law Challenge

Arizona’s immigration law was passed in April of 2010, and was immediately challenged by the Obama administration. The administration argued that the state law interferes with existing federal law. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to this law and subsequently other similar onerous State Laws. Read more at Supreme Court takes up Challenge.

Red Light Camera Challenge

The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the red light camera program run by the city of Springfield. The supreme court of Missouri declared the red light camera administrative hearing process in the city of Springfield to be void. The high court moved with unusual speed, handing down a strongly worded, unanimous decision after hearing oral arguments in the case. Read more at Missouri Supremes strike down red light cameras.

Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants, a reality?

The House overwhelmingly passed a bill to end longtime per-country caps on work visas.
The legislation would nix the current law that caps worker visas from any one country at 7 percent.
Subsequently, H.R.3012, Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2011, was read the first time on the Senate floor and placed on Senate Legislative Calendar. It will be interesting to watch how and when this bill will sail through. There will be a lot of things going on during the recess; H.R. 3012 is not quite dead yet.

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