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Happy New Year

by pari on January 25th, 2012

The new year began with a bang for us. We are busy with new challenges and exploring new areas of the law including commercial collections. Free legal consultations are being provided at the Hindu Temple of Saint Louis & the North West Islamic Center, St. Louis

Pari Sheth
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New Missouri Laws to take effect this year

A handful of Missouri state laws take effect this year; some more sweeping than others e.g. more teacher-student online communications, consumer protection for buyers of extended service contracts. Read more at New Missouri Laws

Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants, Senate Update & EB-2 movement

We wrote “H.R. 3012 is not quite dead yet”

In the Senate session, H.R. 3012 (Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2011) was read for a second time. Further readings were objected to and the bill was placed on the calendar. In a way, it is a positive news to see resolution of this bill soon. It is interesting to see whether Sen. Harry Reid, Majority Leader, will introduce Motion to Cloture to break the potential filibuster by Senator Chuck Grassley.

AILA reports that according to Mr. Oppenheim of the Visa Bureau of DOS, he does not have an exact prediction for March 2012, but because of the unusual slow demand by the USCIS, upto six months move-up may be possible, even though one-year move-up may not be likely. Reportedly, at this time, they have used up 34% of total FY 2013 visa numbers and must use upto 45% by the end of February 2012. After such rapid progression, depending on the demand, they will have to decide whether the cut-off dates should remain in stay-put or even retrogress during the Summer.

Missouri Supreme Court and DWI

The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that Law enforcement officers must get a warrant before ordering a blood test on an unwilling drunken-driving suspect except during special circumstances when the delay could threaten a life or destroy potential evidence.
Immigration Implications for repeat offenders remain unchanged.
Read more at Missouri Supreme Court and DWI.

Immigration Law and States’ rights

Federal judges have blocked strict new immigration laws adopted by conservative legislatures in half a dozen states, including a ruling that said South Carolina may not set up a “street-level dragnet” to stop and arrest illegal immigrants As those rulings head for the Supreme Court, legal experts believe the Supreme court’s conservative majority may take a sharply different approach. Stay Tuned!

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