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Thanksgiving Advocacy

by pari on November 21st, 2012

Drivers Licenses in Illinois

A bipartisan coalition of Illinois’ most powerful political leaders gathered at Chicago’s Roosevelt High School this week to express their support for granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants in Illinois. Read more at Driver’s Licenses in IL

Healthcare Law and Regulations

The Obama Administration Tuesday released some much anticipated rules that will govern the types of benefits insurers must offer in policies sold after 2014 and rules on how they can design wellness programs. Read more atHealthcare and Law

Missouri Healthcare

Voters in Missouri approved a measure Tuesday that will hamper its governor’s ability to implement President Obama’s healthcare law. Read more at Missouri and healthcare law

Missouri Charter Schools

With a new law in place that could lead to more charter schools across Missouri, the state association designed to help charters provide a quality education wants to make sure that everyone knows how to judge whether a school is making the grade. Read more at Missouri school law

Immigration in South Carolina

The same federal Judge who blocked South Carolina’s immigration law nearly a year ago now says a key provision can stand based on what the Supreme Court has done with Arizona’s law. Read more at Federal Judge on SC Immigration Law


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